The 5 Types of Crossbody Handbag Trend in 2021

The 5 Types of Crossbody Handbag Trend in 2021

The bag is the essential accessory of women who for some like to collect them as others do for shoes. There are almost as many bags as there are women on Earth so it is sometimes difficult to find the bag that will be your faithful companion. Below are 3 questions to help you get in the crossbody handbag trend without any hussle.

When it comes to choosing a new bag to get in the crossbody handbag trend, we are all the same, it’s a big headache because we have to combine the look and the functional side of the handbag. Indeed, there are beautiful bags that make you dream but which are not adapted to our needs because either too small, too big, not enough pockets, not in agreement with my style… In short, we help you today to find the new bag that will follow you everywhere in 2020 with tips to buy well and a selection of women’s handbags and small backpacks favorites.

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Tips for choosing the right handbag

When buying a new handbag regarding the current crossbody handbag trend, it is important to ask yourself the right questions to save time and avoid turning this purchase into a long nightmare. By asking yourself 3 simple questions, you can easily orient your purchase towards one type of bag rather than another.

Choosing the right handbag size

  1. The first crucial question in buying a new bag is the size of the bag. We can classify the bags into 3 sizes: large, medium, or small.
  2. A large bag corresponds to a shopping bag/tote bag in which we can put all our women’s things and slip in 2-3 races occasionally. This size of the bag is practical for everyday life but is not always the most elegant size. Also, it can be heavy if you like to carry a lot of chairs with you.
  3. A medium bag is a bag that you can fit your beauty essentials and everyday products in. The medium bag is the most common bag because it comes in 1001 shapes.
  4. The small bag corresponds to the clutch type bag, the clutch, and the Minaudière bag. These handbags are usually designed to accompany women to fancy parties and dinners. The style often takes precedence over the practical side and does not allow to carry many things, it is necessary to make choices and take only the bare minimum! We see many Instagrammers who wear this kind of small bag in the city as an everyday bag, this is good for photos, but we imagine that in real life they have a boyfriend who has a bag full!
  5. Think also about the interior layout of your bag, either a bag has one large pocket, compartments, or many pockets. It depends on how you like to organize your daily business. We are rather compartments to divide our business into 2 or 3 parts (beauty products/phones and various/feminine products)

Choose the color of the handbag

  1. When it comes to women’s bags, there are usually several clans. On the one hand, women who swear by black handbags, a wise choice because black accompanies all outfits. It is recommended to have at least 1 black bag in your belongings it is very practical because it goes with all colors.
  2. Then there are women who play on neutral colors such as brown, beige, or white. These colors are also quite easy to wear but there are special cases. Light colors are obviously very dirty and you will have to be careful about the transfer of color between your clothes and your bag. White leather bags turn blue when in contact with a new pair of raw jeans. It’s easy to wash with a sponge in most cases but in the case of suede or textile materials, it’s another matter.
  3. Finally, there are also colored bags like red or blue for the most popular. We love the yellow leather that gives a real boost to a dark or light outfit and that can be the season.

Choosing how to carry your handbag

  1. The last question to ask yourself before buying a new handbag is how to carry the bag. It is possible to carry your bag by hand, on the arm, on the shoulder, on the shoulder strap, or even on the back. Some bags are sold with several handles to alternate hand or shoulder bags while others are single-use.
  2. One thing is sure, avoid carrying a bag over the shoulder with a large heavy bag because it breaks the shoulders, it is better to carry it by hand.


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