7 tricks to repair your stained or cracked leather bags and make them look as good as new.

7 tricks to repair your stained or cracked leather bags and make them look as good as new.

7 tricks to repair your stained or cracked leather bags… and make them look as good as new. The home remedies and products that work best.

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It’s common: it’s time to change the closet and when we take out the leather bags from last season we realize that they are cracked or peeled, have stains that we had not noticed until now, or have lost shape, presenting an aged appearance.

However, there are ways to fix it (and prevent it). To begin with, experts recommend that when storing a leather bag, especially if it is delicate, we do it in its dust bag or in a cotton bag, and avoid damp places. In addition, to avoid deformation, it is best to stuff them with white tissue paper or a clean cloth, and remember not to put them on top of each other in any way, they warn! It’s best to set up a box where they can stand side by side vertically.

But if we are no longer on time and what we want is to fix the leather bags we love so much for the new season, here are the five most effective tips and tricks, according to the gurus of home solutions on the Internet.

  1. To restore it to its original shape.
    If you have not stored your bag properly, it is likely that, after the summer, you will find it ‘squashed’ and has lost its original shape. To recover it, the youtuber LastLove gives us a solution: put a clean cloth inside, close it and leave it like that for a few days. After a while… voila! In addition, the expert in homemade solutions Julia Alzate recommends giving the bag a few touches of heat with the dryer.
  2. With leather dye.
    Of all the solutions to renew bags that have lost color, are cracked or have stains is perhaps one of the most effective. Gisela Vlog has shown it to us on her YouTube channel and the result is… spectacular. The leather dyes, which she buys in shoe repair stores and are also available on platforms such as Amazon and department stores, are very easy to use: once the leather has been cleaned with a clean cloth, the product is shaken, applied with a sponge and left to dry for a few minutes. Of course, you must choose the color well so that it is as close as possible to the color of your bag, if you do not want changes.The leather dye can repair leather bags.
  3. A real beauty routine that cleanses and moisturizes
    The skin of a bag is not so different from that of our face, insist Hogarmanía, who advise us to use, for the bag, the cosmetics we use to clean our face: cleansing water (which we apply with a cotton pad), a tonic (second step, indicated to open the pores) and cleansing milk (the last step, which we spread with a cotton pad and removes traces of dirt). In addition, they recommend moisturizing the bag and waterproofing it at least once a year using specific products for this purpose or colorless shoe cream (after applying it, the bag should be rubbed well with a chamois, they remind us). With this we will make our bag last longer and in good condition.
  4. Home remedy for small stains.
    According to youtuber Julia Alzate, also a supporter of leather dyes, applying petroleum jelly gently can solve those small discolored stains on a leather bag so that those parts recover their color. For general cleaning, alcohol-free baby wipes are another option, or specific wipes for cleaning leather (Mercadona’s wipes are the favorite of cleaning gurus on the Internet).
  5. Liquid leather against cracks
    Another effective method for filling and coloring small surfaces is liquid leather. It repairs cracks, scratches and cuts. You have to keep in mind that they are generally not recommended for porous leathers such as nubuck or suede. Clean the surface, apply it (a small amount) and wait for it to dry.
  6. Adhesive patches
    Another solution to fix scratches, cracked or stained leathers are adhesive patches. You only have to stick them on the area you want to repair. They come in different shapes, materials and colors so you can choose the one that best suits your case.
  7. More hydration
    Hydration is key to keep a bag in good condition, experts say. Many recommend using hand, face or body cream, which, when applied with a cloth or absorbent cotton, can also be used to clean the bag. Julia Alzate also uses olive oil or even hair conditioner.

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